The rapidly changing field of Endourology, with technological enhancements the world over, makes it imperative to upgrade the existing setup. The setup is now well equipped with ‘state of art’ equipment, qualitatively proven the world over :

  1. Auriga XL 50 W LASER : High performance Holmium Laser machine of Boston Scientific is useful in endoscopic  stone fragmentation , HoLEP ( Holmium ennulceation of Prostate ) , Endoscopic resection of bladder tumor and stricture urethra. This is the first of its kind, High Power Holmium Laser in Saurashtra.
  2. RIRS : Retrograde intrarenal surgery is possible with introduction of Flexible Ureterorenoscope of Karl Storz, FLEX – X 2. This obviates the need for percuatneous renal surgeries in selected cases and in selected disease pathologies.
  3. Mini PERC : Much slender nephroscope for Renal surgery  helps in miniaturizing the access tract into the kidney, increasing patient comfort and reducing morbidity of conventional nephroscope.